We Love Our Kids

The Children's Justice Center is committed to being the place of healing, compassion, and comfort for all victims of child abuse. Over 30,000 children in Utah experience abuse every year and we are here for them. The CJC offers crisis intervention, professional medical exams, support, advocacy, and many, many other services to our clients and their families. All services are at no cost to the clients.
Being a victim of crime doesn't have to change your identity, self worth, or future. The CJC helps children return to the path they were meant to be on to become who they were meant to be.
To learn more please visit www.cjcslc.org/ or www.utahcountyonline.org/dept/cjc/
25% of the proceeds of the We Love Our Kids Collection will be donated to the Children's Justice Center to support their incredible efforts in supporting the children of Utah. Please shop the links below or in the header.
Thank you and welcome to the We Love Our Kids Collection!